I’ve come to notice that there is something unique-something personal-about writing. You see, when I talk in real life, my mind tends to run faster than my mouth ever could. I can jump from Point A to Point C in two seconds flat and not realize I’m doing it until I see the bewildered look on other people’s faces. But, with writing, there are no pressures to make perfect sense, no stuttering, no fear that what you’re saying will come out wrong (because of the beautiful power of editing and proof reading).

But that’s not all. Writing is the most beautiful way to connect your mind with the rest of your body- unless you’re into yoga and, if so, all power to you. It’s like being someone you can’t be in real life, like portraying thoughts that you can’t just tell any and everyone, like showing people that what’s going on up here is different than what they hear coming out of here.

So, I guess I don’t really know what I’m doing or how I’m going to do it… But I know I’m going to enjoy it.



3 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. I agree, writing is a really powerful, really special personal tool. It can allow us to say things and articulate things in ways that are a little trickier in other contexts! Just post what you feel and I’m pretty sure you’ll be onto something ace here! 🙂

    Ella x


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