Throughout my days, I always find myself saying, “You know what I hate?” then continuing on to say what i hate whether or not it pertained to the conversation I was just having with that person. Well, what better way to get it all down, in case those people forgot of course, than in a list online! In no particular order, I hate:

  1. People who chew, swallow, smack the gum, or talk too loudly
  2. When I can’t remember something I had to tell someone
  3. When someone does anything slower than necessary (i.e. walks, talks, writes, etc.)
  4. When I get blamed for something I had no part of
  5. People who don’t work to the best of their ability
  6. Religious people who disregard every other religion out of ignorance towards what the religion entails
  7. When I can’t fall asleep- It seriously happens every night and I’m stuck laying in bed for hours doing nothing
  8. Stupid people
    1. Quick side note- You may think that’s a rude thing to say, but 1) I don’t care and 2) we have a serious epidemic of ignorant people in this world, and they need to go.
  9. When I can’t complete a seemingly simple task
  10. Losing
    1. Now, I’m sure that would be on any person’s list, but you need to understand that me losing is never an okay occurrence. I believe that I’m arguably the best person in the world and, because of that, I should win at everything by sheer talent and ability. But, if I don’t, hell will break loose and people need to run and take cover because I will start a riot to make sure I come out on top.


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