Dearest Someone,

So… after a rather dramatic/grumpy blog yesterday (Everything Sucks) I have once again been reminded how awesome the people in my life are.

People Rock

I was having a fairly rubbish day yesterday morning… hence the blog post, yet I also knew that blogging would be a great way for me to release some steam! And it was. Immediately after writing the post (and publishing it) I felt much better… it was kinda like I was ranting to myself – I was certainly being honest and getting everything out haha! You lovely bloggers also interacted with the post… but I was left feeling pretty loved by my friends. Within seconds of uploading the post one of my wonderful, ace, awesome friends text me to see how I was doing. Sometimes I forget that people do actually read this blog haha… but ahh the power of the internet! 🙂

My friend…

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