The Forgers Cover

The Forgers by Bradford Morrow

Hello, lovely people!

In an earlier Quote of the Week post I wrote, I mentioned a book whose narrator was a man in love with writing and found words on crisp paper intoxicating. That book is the one pictured above, and I’m beginning a new series where I review books I’ve read, hopefully inspiring you all to read them as well!

The Forgers is a book lover’s dream. In the world of rare literature, forgery, and blackmail lies the three main characters of this tale: the newly murdered Adam Diehl, his sister Meghan, and her boyfriend Will-who is also the narrator of the entire story.

Capturing the true essence of a mystery novel, Adam is dead and all that is left of him is his rare book and literature collection and body removed of hands and feet. As any loved one would be, Meghan is left in disbelief and heart break as her only living family is dead. Will, on the other hand, was never truly fond of Adam and, once released from countless hours of questioning, begins to receive anonymous letters written by deceased authors. Knowing that they’re forgeries and that someone is jokingly reminding him of his past occupation, threats begin to arise and he has to decide how far he’ll go to protect the ones he loves.

The Forgers was unlike any fictional tale I’d ever read before, and for that, it was a delight to read. The language used by the author was refreshingly older than that of modern speakers, and it added the perfect atmosphere to go along with the story.

Not knowing much about the world of literature, I was worried that the story would go right over my head, but I ended up being able to follow it well and still remained interested with all of the references made throughout the book. I’m sure someone with better knowledge of rare author’s works would fall head over heels for the book, but for those of us who don’t, it’s surely still an enjoyable book.

Overall, I’d give the book 8 out of 10 stars; only because there were a few parts that were slower in the book that I felt were just extra lead up to the more important sections of the plot.

I hope you all decide to give this book a read, and tell me what you think!


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