Quote of the Week~Motivation

“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.”

The world is a scary place: I’ve been hearing that ever since I was a little kid, and I’m sure people will continue to tell me that until the day I die. You’d think, by now, people  would be used to it, but we still allow our fears to take over our lives instead of taking control of it ourselves and accomplishing the great things we’re capable of.

A few months ago, I watched a documentary-style tv show called The Men Who Built America on Netflix. It wasn’t about our founding fathers, or the American Indians; it was about some of the most ambitious and successful entrepreneurs the world has ever known. People like John D. Rockefeller (the man who dominated the selling of oil in America), Andrew Carnegie (the man who made steel affordable to make faster and more efficiently than ever before), and J.P. Morgan (who made a living by ending disputes between companies and buying the owners out of their shares), etc. These men were the richest in America, and Rockefeller still holds place as the wealthiest person to ever live.

I’m sure if you don’t know or have no interest in American history, this means nothing to you haha. But the point is that these men didn’t stop at anything to get what they wanted. I know there had been fear of failure in their minds at the times before their success had come into fruition, yet they proceeded anyway. They were greedy for success and always got what they wanted because they worked for them until the day they died.

The things those men accomplished didn’t exist before they created them, and they ended up changing the entire country because of it.

Henry Ford said,”The only history I give a damn about is the history I make today.”

So don’t let your fears get in the way of what you want, for fears are what we create when we could be out creating history.


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