Hello, lovely people!

Over winter break, I walked into a Lush store for the first time and was blown away. Through Youtube, I’d been aware of what the store is, but I never knew how amazing it was into I walked in myself. I went with my mom, and with her obsession with soaps, she bought two of their bars, and I bought myself one of their handmade face masks. That’s what I’m here to review ūüôā


I bought the Cupcake mask, and according to their website it’s supposed to help with oily and acne prone teenage skin (what I have), so when I read that on the container, I had to buy it.

I’ve been using it for almost two weeks now (every one or two days), and it definitely has helped improve the softness of my skin while ridding my face of some of its little face demons (I hope you don’t mind me calling blemishes that; it’s what they are :P). It has a rich chocolate scent and doesn’t irritate my skin in any way. Following the directions on the container,I apply a layer of the mask (after taking off my makeup) on my face and let it sit for 10 minutes before i wash it off with warm water and a face cloth.


Because they’re made with all natural ingredients, they only last for 3 weeks and have to be refrigerated when not used. As the lady who worked there said to me, “It’s like buying food for your face!”

Overall, I think it’s a great product, and I can’t wait to go back to the store and try more of what they offer! Have you ever tried any Lush products? Do you have any suggestions as to what I should try? Leave them in the comments!


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