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“Dare to begin.”

With the new year upon us, what better quote than this to highlight to welcome 2016’s resolutions! In my opinion, coming up with the idea to start working out or talking to that person you’re always afraid to confront is easy. It’s the actual act of having to get off your ass and start working out instead of watching another season of tv on Netflix or walking over to pick up your phone and calling that person is what proves difficult. Beginning is the one of the hardest parts of completing something.

You have 12 months to do everything you told yourself you would this year. Don’t wait for tomorrow because, before you know it, tomorrow will be yesterday. Do it now. Plan for it, so when that time comes you don’t have any excuses as to why you can’t do it right then. Tell someone about it, so they can consistently nag you about it until it gets done.

One of my new year resolutions is to start being more honest with the people I care about, and that’s hard. I’m scared that they’ll get the wrong idea and/or be weirded out by me. But another one of my resolutions is to do things that scare me. I’m not going to wait until I’m comfortable, because I’ll never be. I’ve got to find all the courage I have, and even if it’s just a text saying that I appreciate having you in my life, I’m going to send it and not be afraid of their reactions. That’s not in my control, and I’ve learned that.

In 2016, I hope you all join me in beginning. It’s cliche, but that saying, “New Year, New Me,” has great meaning to it.

Dare to begin, everyone. If we don’t now, we never will.

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