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Beginning in the spring of 2015, I discovered the beauty of podcasts. I had never really heard of or listened to them before then, but on a 10 hour road trip, they were my saving grace! Since then, I’ve been scanning through iTunes to find new podcasts that I thought I would like and have come across great ones that I’d like to share with you! Disclaimer: When I listen to podcasts, I look for humor, so if you’re looking for serious podcasts about politics and world hunger, this probably isn’t the list for you ūüėÄ



1. Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins

This was one of the first podcasts I listened to, and it still entertains me with every episode. The podcast features comedian Paul F. Tompkins as the host and a new special guest every week that he has a freeform interview with. He then is given a location from the guest that Paul and other comedians set a continuous improv story in. This show is absolutely hilarious, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh.

diary of jen kirkman.jpg


2. I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman

Jen Kirkman is a comedian who I first saw on her Netflix special: I’m Going to Die Alone and I Feel Fine. Soon after, I found out that she had a podcast, and had to listen! The podcast truly is a diary of her life that she records¬†every week and is always a joy to listen to.

guys we f*cked.jpg


3. Guys We F*cked

This one of the newer podcasts I’ve begun listening to that features Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson as they discuss sex, relationships, and much more in their anti-slut shaming podcast. I honestly think this podcast is a great idea that is greatly executed and needed in today’s world! This is definitely something that many people need to listen to.

denzel washington podcast.gif


4. Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period

Last, but not least, Kevin Avery and W. Kamau Bell together have created a podcast where they review every movie starring Denzel Washington and discuss why they think he is the greatest actor of all time (period). This podcast always makes me laugh but also discusses serious topics, like racial issues, that are great to hear others’ opinions on.

All of these podcasts are ones that I think everyone should listen to for a good laugh and to put you in a better mood!

Have you ever listened to these podcasts before? Did you like them? Do you have any recommendations for me to listen to? Let me know in the comments below!

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