gluten free

Hello, lovely people!

Last week, I had a blog post describing the effects of gluten on the human body, and I vowed to eat one gluten-free meal everyday for a week! Here are the results of that experiment!

At first, it was a bit of a challenge to find things in my house that didn’t have gluten in them, but after looking through ingredient labels and scrolling through different websites, I was able to find meals that fit the requirements. A lot of them were meals I already ate but had to take the side of bread I usually accompany the meal with out of the equation. My go-to meal was brown rice with beef mixed in with a spoonful of Nutella to satisfy my sweet tooth (who knew Nutella didn’t have gluten in it!).

Overall, It think this is a great experiment for people to try! I probably won’t be continuing this on a regular basis like I have for the passed week, but I will definitely be more conscious of how much gluten I take in from now on (I’m following my New Year’s to do list)!

Also, I didn’t really see any results concerning my body weight from the lack of gluten I ate, but I wouldn’t expect to because of how short of a time frame I tried it and how little gluten was taken out of my diet.

Did you take this challenge with me? Did you get any results? Let me know in the comments!


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