Hello, lovely people!

As of lately, my skin hasn’t been at its best. I’ve been trying to drink the proper amount of water, not touch my face with dirty hands, etc, but nothing kept the acne away. I realized I had been using the same cleansing products for a long time, so I knew it was time to find something new. I had a coupon from CVS on Neutrogena skincare products, so I thought I’d try some of their products and I’m so glad I did!


The first product I picked up was the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. I haven;t had anything other than an exfoliator or gel cleanser in my bathroom for awhile, so this instantly drew me in. The product claims to leave your complexion looking fresh and clean by cleaning into your pores to dissolve dirt, oil, and makeup. It’s oil-free and alcohol-free, so it won’t leave your skin feeling dry.

This product does EVERYTHING it claims! When I apply it to my face, I can literally feel it cleansing my pores and ridding them of all the crap that has been sitting in their throughout the day. Once i wash it off, it really does leave my skin feeling fresher and cleaner than it did before.


Secondly, from the same line, I picked up the Neutrogena Deep Clean Long-Last Shine Control Daily Scrub. This product claims to remove 85% of built up oil, cleans skins pores to rid of impurities and oil that lead to shine throughout the day, and leaves skin shine-free for hours after it has been washed off.

Having oily skin, this product seemed like the answer to all of my prayers. Instead of using it daily, I rotate between these two products each night, but this product definitely removes the excess oil in my skin, so I don’t look like an oil slick. Once I rinse it off, my skin feels fresh and smooth because of the exfoliating beads.


Both of these products are a must buy for people who need to freshen up their skincare routine. They’ve improved the look and feel of my skin in just one week! I recommend the cream cleanser to all skin types, and the daily scrub to those with combination to oily skin.

What’re your skincare favorites? Have you tried either of these products? Do you have any recommendations for me?

With love, Kay.


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